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I am in the process of working with a good friend on updating her business graphics. She has never really had a logo, needed an updated and mobile friendly website AND needed a flyer for her upcoming Mother/Daughter Women's Conference.

Meet beautifully talented friend who is going back to school studying Bible while also beginning her own business focusing on mentoring middle age and high school girls and their mothers during an exciting but equally hard phase of life. She wrote a book which is a journal for these girls called RAW (Raising American Women). I could go on and on about Brooke, who has the most positive energy and spirit.

Check out her event below, and consider attending if you have middle school or high school aged girls and looking for some inspiration and motivation on cultivating your relationship with your daughters and God. I promise you will feel just as inspired by her presence.

We finished her logo in which she wanted to have a toughness but also a feminine and girly flair. Hopefully we achieved that! Stay tuned for her new website which will be coming soon! There you can purchase her book or learn of more upcoming events.

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